A survey of a visit to the metropolitan museum of art

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Number of visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York 2007-2017

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Number of visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York 2007-2017

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How to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

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Follow. The most visited museum in the U.S. is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or “the Met.” Located in New York City, the Met is the largest museum in the U.S. and attracts more than six million. The MET or Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most emblematic museums in the city of New York museums.

It is one of the world's largest Museum of art along with the British Museum in London, both for its size, the number of visitors, number of artworks such as the quality of these. Metro-North's Guide to Winter Weather Slip Slide, How It Affects Your Commute, And What We Are Doing To Combat It West of Hudson Thanksgiving Holiday Service, Nov.


A survey of a visit to the metropolitan museum of art
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