Art has no innate meaning or

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Born This Way: Is Creativity Innate or Learned?

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Nude (art)

No wonder His Holiness has no greed, has no anger, and has not even the slightest mental attachment. His great wisdom is limitless, and His compassion is boundless.

All of these qualities are due to the innate character of a Buddha. It's not a sentence, as there is no verb in there, and it's probably wrong.

Either it was a misprint or else the OP has misread or mistyped it, in all probability. It could mean “a genius who is an inmate in the prison,” but I think this is unlike.

Art is innate skill everyone possess in something or the other but remains unutilized in the race of life for so many reasons. The query may not satisfy unless the mind knows what it enjoys and enjoying word has its own meaning.

Innate, of Latin origin, and inborn, a native English word, share the literal basic sense “existing at the time of birth,” and they are interchangeable in most contexts: innate. Another difference between art and design is how the messages of each are interpreted by their respective audiences.

Although an artist sets out to convey a viewpoint or emotion, that is not to say that the viewpoint or emotion has a single meaning.

The Definition of Art Art has no innate meaning or
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