Benefit of coursework

Accelerated Cohort

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Certification Coursework

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Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling

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Why Take Classes Online?

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These kind of runs can be very challenging, yet fun-filling activities that one usually enjoys in teams and groups of friends, but can still be done alone. What are the benefits of postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study can be a big investment, but it is an investment worth making. The Graduate Salaries report from Graduate Careers Australia showed of all postgraduate award levels, graduates with postgraduate diploma/certificates experienced the highest growth in median starting salaries since.

It is to your benefit to experience as many different presenters and presentation styles as possible, therefore a maximum of 12 credit hours per Certified Facilitator will count toward fulfilling the 30 – 60 required hours.


Humanities top. The humanities are the cultural heart of universities; foundational for careers as writers, entrepreneurs, educators and more. At Ohio State, you have access to one of the country’s largest gatherings of top scholars in their fields and unmatched diversity and depth of programs.

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Benefit of coursework
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