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During the course of W2C, MMU launched a major project to transform its annual monitoring arrangements into a Continuous Monitoring and Improvement (CMI) system so our work around student engagement and success was directed towards supporting this.

MMU has recently (and publicly) reviewed its learning technologies and will be making significant investment in a new integrated VLE and W2C project plans to enhance and extend this investment by opening up new development paths and will share with the sector the experience of pursuing them on an institutional scale.

Current students site. If you have to re-sit examinations or be re-assessed in coursework, there is a single payment of £50 to cover all the reassessments relating to the current academic year. The Students Union Advice Centre offers help and support on all the main issues affecting students at MMU.

It is a specialist, independent unit whose aim is to ensure that your time at university is not lessened through a lack of support or knowledge of your rights. ADEPT’s 2nd i-TEACH Symposium & Workshop Cultivates Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies.

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