Monash arts coursework

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Arts in Prato

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Bachelor of Letters

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Monash University

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October 31 at 6:. A guide to the styles recommended by Monash schools and departments for students and researchers. At Monash Arts we believe our academics are our greatest asset, conducting world-class research and delivering high-quality think the best people to tell you about the work being done here at Monash Arts are the academics themselves.

Congratulations on your offer, and welcome to the Monash Arts community. Here you will find we are committed to providing you not just with an excellent academic education, but also with an enjoyable experience that combines intellectual stimulation with social interaction and engagement with the wider world.

Postgraduate coursework Monash University Malaysia equips graduates to make sense of the rapid and profound changes occuring all around us. Our students develop the knowledge and analytical tools key to understanding the process of globalisation and intricacies of human interation while learning to take a leading role in make the world a better.

Each unit consists of nine two-hour seminars. The specific topics covered in the coursework sub-units will be different in each semester and will reflect the particular research interests of.

School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics

Courses & study options. You have a world of options at our Malaysia campus. Explore undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees and find out about campus life.

Monash arts coursework
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