Notes on amarna art

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Tell el-Amarna

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AP Art History - Egyptian Art (flashcards And Notes)

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Egyptian Art: The Amarna Revolution. Stevens () notes that Amarna art was driven by religious forces and believes that it was merely a society in which one god was elevated above others. The Aten obtained universal status and as a result Atenism became the core of all existence for Egyptians during the Eighteenth Dynasty.

Robins ( Download this POLS textbook note to get exam ready in less time! Textbook note uploaded on Nov 21, 13 Page(s). The Amarna Princess, sometimes referred to as the "Bolton Amarna Princess", is a statue forged by British art forger Shaun Greenhalgh and sold by his father to Bolton Museum for £, in Based on the Amarna art-style of ancient Egypt, the purchase of the Amarna Princess was feted as a "coup" by the museum and it remained on display for three years.

Download this HIST class note to get exam ready in less time! Class note uploaded on May 1, 5 Page(s). HIST Lecture Notes - SpringLecture 7 - Kingdom Centre, Amarna.

Test your knowledge of the people and art of the Amarna Period with an interactive quiz and printable worksheet. Use the quiz questions to see what. Tell el-Amarna: Tell el-Amarna, site of the ruins and tombs of the city of Akhetaton (“Horizon of Aton”) in Upper Egypt, 44 miles (71 km) north of modern Asyūt.

On a virgin site on the east bank of the Nile River, Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) built the city about bce as the new capital of his kingdom when he.

Notes on amarna art
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