Rate of reaction coursework analysis

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Chemistry Gcse Coursework Rates of Reaction

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Rate of Reaction of HCl & Mg Lab Answers

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If you are doing something like the hydrochloric acid - sodium thiosulphate reaction, your reaction time measures the formation of a fixed amount of sulphur per 'time'. So the rate is 'x amount of sulphur per time', which means the speed or rate is proportional to 1/time, then plot this 1/time against the concentration of the acid.

BUT you can use and extend these 'brain stormed' ideas to most rates of reaction coursework assignments e.g. The magnesium/zinc + acid reaction, you can investigate acid concentration and amount of metal and the zinc reaction is catalysed by copper and other ions in the acid).

Students follow the rate of reaction between magnesium and the acid, by measuring the amount of gas produced at 10 second intervals. 3 cm of magnesium ribbon typically has a mass of g and yields 40 cm 3 of hydrogen when reacted with excess acid.

50 cm 3 of 1M hydrochloric acid is a. The reaction rate or rate of reaction for a reactant or product in a particular reaction is intuitively defined as how fast a reaction takes place. For example, the oxidation of iron under the atmosphere is a slow reaction which can take many years, but the combustion of butane in a fire is a reaction that takes place in fractions of a second.

Therefore, the greater number the number of collisions per second, the greater the reaction rate. The collision energy depends directly on the kinetic energy of colliding particles, and temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance. The rate of a chemical reaction is a measure of how fast the reaction takes place.

It is important to remember that a rapid reaction is completed in a short period of time. An example of a fast reaction is an explosion, and an example of a slow reaction is rusting/5(2).

Rate of reaction coursework analysis
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