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Resit coursework Module leaders are going for providing you with points of resit coursework.

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Overview. The Law Conversion Course is an accredited conversion course for non-law graduates aiming for a. I failed a piece of coursework last year and I have obviously been given the opportunity to resit. However I have discovered that rather than a first resit. Resit coursework Module leaders are responsible for providing you with details of resit coursework.

If you have not received details of your coursework within 14 days of the publication of your results, you must contact your Student Administration Team (SAT) immediately.

You can resit the coursework, but you will need to do all 3 parts again. If you aren't carrying on to A2 level and want an A at AS, it would be pretty easy to resit the coursework, get an A, then get an A overall.

myNapier / Student Administration / Exams / Resit Information. If you have resit exams, please ensure you read the following information. If you are re-sitting exams as a first attempt i.e. ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ you can just email the Resit Form to you have to resit coursework.

I failed a piece of coursework last year and I have obviously been given the opportunity to resit. However I have discovered that rather than a first resit, this is my last resit, and the mark I .

Resit coursework
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