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This course will assist Microsoft Word users to make the switch from earlier versions of Word to the more advanced version. Word allows for more customization of the work space and creates an easier work flow when creating more complex documents.

of course. That which may be done, in the course of legal proceedings, without making any application to the court; that which is granted by the court without further inquiry, upon its being asked; as, a rule to plead is a matter of course. Nov 06,  · Of course, readers of Charles Dickens will know that he first coined the word in And finally, "plogging" is based on the Swedish "ploka," or to pick with jogging. This is a detailed outline of a project management course which focuses on all the vital points of the course such as objective, audience, prerequisites, course description, duration and agenda.

Definition. The syllabus is a "contract between faculty members and their students, designed to answer students' questions about a course, as well as inform them about what will happen should they fail to meet course expectations.".

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Synonym of coursework
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