The periods of greek art

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Periods and Styles in Western Art

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Ancient Greek art

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Ancient Greek art

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Greek literature

Greek art influenced both the West and the East. Not only did art in the Roman Empire draw Greek influence, but to the East, Alexander the Great’s conquests facilitated centuries of contact between Indian, Central Asian, and Greek cultures. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

Classical Art ( - BC) was created during a "golden age", from the time Athens rose to prominence, to Greek expansion and right up until the death of Alexander the Great.

It was during this period that human statues became so heroically proportioned. GREEK AND ROMAN ART. Various Authors. Edited By: R. A. Guisepi. The art of the ancient Greeks and Romans is called classical art. This name is used also to describe later periods in which artists looked for their inspiration to this ancient style.

Greek pots are important because they tell us so much about how life was in Athens and other ancient Greek cities. Pots came in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on their purpose, and were often beautifully decorated with scenes from daily life. Time, technique, as well as historical events have helped shape the way art has evolved since B.C.

Three important periods in Greek art are the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods. We will discuss how art has changed throughout these periods, what influences led to change, as well as why.

The periods of greek art
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